Full Testimonials

See for yourself the life-changing experience that Dust2Glory has provided to the Bloomington Illinois Community by reading the following testimonials


Rick Kuznik

Not only do they teach overall total body fitness they touch on mind and spiritual side and I feel makesyou a better person overall. I am most proud of my overall growth along with the new friendships and fun family friendly atmosphere the group demonstrates. Continually I'd ask my girlfriend, and she said “you have more energy and you are looking very fit.”


Josh Mast

We didn't just lift weights, which isolates muscles, we do movements that make muscle groups work together. This creates functional strength, which helps in everyday tasks. This also makes obstacles such as climbing ropes or monkey bars easier. Other gyms I’ve been to always isolate muscle groups, even though I could lift a lot, I didn’t have the functional strength, I couldn’t climb ropes or easily complete monkey bars. Dustin was responsible for the race, but through Dust2Glory, he was able to perfect the course, created great obstacles, made it challenging yet kid friendly.


Kristy Blair

I joined Dust2Glory because after four years of working out and my workout getting stale I found myself going backwards to where I started. I needed something different to make sure I stay on track.

My biggest obstacle was being afraid to try something new. Dust2Glory, Dustin, and the group gave me and continues to give me the encouragement I need to know I can do anything I put my mind to. It shows me to not be afraid and to try, even if I fail you get back up and I try again.

I have had personal trainers, I have tried going out on my own, taking different classes and so on and so on. Dust2Glory is so different because not only are we a close group, we all take the time to help each other and encourage each other to keep going. We all still have that competitiveness in us but we don’t ever let it get in the way of making sure we ALL succeed. I have never seen that in any gym or class I have taken in my life. Not even with a one on one session with a trainer.

I am so proud to be involved in a fitness community that is so helpful, fun and exciting. We never truly know what we are going to do on a day to day basis and that gets me excited to go to every class. Not to mention I get to see my friends and that is always worth everything to me. So if I could describe Dust2Glory in one word I would have to choose AMAZING!


Andrea Sikora

1. What made you decide to do business with Dust2Glory?
I was looking for a challenging and fun class to take. When I read the description in the park district program guide, I knew I had found what I was looking for! Ninja warrior style workout, yes please!

2. What was the biggest obstacle you faced in your fitness journey?
It’s hard to commit to a program and stick with it over a long period of time with out becoming bored.
How has Dust2Glory helped you overcome it?
While it’s hard to carve time out for ourselves sometimes, one hour twice a week is completely manageable! Also, the workouts are never the same each week, which keeps things fun and fresh!

3. What is something you can do now that you weren’t able to do before you started?
When I started with Dust2Glory, I would just try to complete 5K races. Now I’m a competitor in them and that feels awesome!

4. How would those close to you describe the difference they’ve seen in you? They have definitely taken notice of my new found strength! They can also see I’m more fit. But most importantly, they can see how much pride and passion I have for fitness nowadays!

5. How would you say Dust2Glory is different than other gyms/training you’ve tried? It’s never the same workout! We are always pushing ourselves and each other! And playing on all the fun equipment! I love monkeying around on all the cool obstacles!

6. What are you most proud of as part of the Dust2Glory Fitness community? Our awesome bond! I love how we can both compete and encourage one another!

7. How would you describe Dust2Glory in one word or phrase?


Chad Tattini

I jogged several times a week for a couple years and thought that would be good enough. However, I still felt like I was very unidimensional in my fitness. I knew I needed something else besides the occasional jog or bike ride. This is why I became interested in OCR training. I felt that if I could do OCR’s, I would be fit to do anything else I wanted to in terms of activity. I contacted Dustin early 2017 and he took his time to determine where I was functionally and where I needed to be by the time of my first race. 5 months later I was in the top half for my age division for the Chicago Super Spartan. I then ran a Beast and Sprint Spartan a couple months later completing the Spartan trifecta in 9 months time. It was Dustin’s assessment, vision, persistence, and fitness regiment that carried me through a wonderful fitness year for me. I would highly recommend Dustin for anyone at any level whether you are looking to race or not. His attention to detail, his patience, and his continued monitoring of your progress keeps you going because you don’t want to let him down. He has been a very positive coach and it’s been an honor to work with him and I hope to continue to do so.